Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Do all the lots have access to the river?

NNN – Are the lots wooded?

Can my house be built by the builder of my choice?

NNN – Does the house have to be a Bonneville house?

Is the project subject to building and uses covenants ?

NNN – Are there any restrictions for the construction of a home?

Are short term rentals (e.g. AirBnB) allowed on the project?

NNN – How do I buy a lot?

How much cost the Phase 2 lots and are the prices negotiable?

NNN – Once the lot is purchased, how long do I have to build the house?

What is the process for reserving a lot?

NNN – Will the trails, parks, and docks be public or private?

Do financial institutions finance the purchase of land?

NNN – Will the lots have a water and sewage system?

Will there be a fee to pay for the maintenance of the roads, park, trails and docks?

NNN – Will the project be served by public utilities?

Will the lots be served by an aqueduct and sewer system?

NNN – Are Phase 2 and 3 lots available?

Are the Phase 2 lots serviced by a power line and internet?

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